Monday, April 4, 2011

What I would buy on Etsy if the sky were the limit

I admit I have an Etsy obsession, but I know how to contain myself.  Mostly I just window shop. But once in a while I  need a drool cup.  So what has me all a-twitter?  Let's see, shall we?  (in no particular order...)

1. Steoch's It's a Trap:
It's a Trap

Ooh, I can see it on my wall now!!!

2.  Tsuru Bride's Penguin Clutch:
Penguin clutch
Gotta have it!!!!!!

3. RonePrinz All Fall Down Necklace
No matter that it would probably hurt to wear this, but I really don't care!!!

4.Bond's Jewels A Jewelry Making Robot
This is so awesome that it is beyond  amazing.

5. Elemental Designs' Boulder Opal
The problem is there is no way I could this gem any justice.

6. Joyful Crow's Mt St Helens
Barney makes the greatest jewelry.

7. Purseworks: Butterfly Purse

8. Random Intent's Evening Bag

Way too cool.  I can just imagine the looks I'd get toting that around.

9. Priya Inspirations's Tourmaline Pendant
I'm a sucker for tourmaline...

10. A Lynn Cobb ring
And I'm not even a ring person!

11. celapiu's black-foks-long

There's something about the fox around the neck...  Don't ask why, I just want it!

12. TinderBloom's hand-made-leather-iphone-case-koi-fish
Now I just  need the iPhone...

That's all for now.  Maybe another installment in the future!
What would you buy on Etsy if you had no limit?

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