Monday, April 4, 2011

What I would buy on Etsy if the sky were the limit

I admit I have an Etsy obsession, but I know how to contain myself.  Mostly I just window shop. But once in a while I  need a drool cup.  So what has me all a-twitter?  Let's see, shall we?  (in no particular order...)

1. Steoch's It's a Trap:
It's a Trap

Ooh, I can see it on my wall now!!!

2.  Tsuru Bride's Penguin Clutch:
Penguin clutch
Gotta have it!!!!!!

3. RonePrinz All Fall Down Necklace
No matter that it would probably hurt to wear this, but I really don't care!!!

4.Bond's Jewels A Jewelry Making Robot
This is so awesome that it is beyond  amazing.

5. Elemental Designs' Boulder Opal
The problem is there is no way I could this gem any justice.

6. Joyful Crow's Mt St Helens
Barney makes the greatest jewelry.

7. Purseworks: Butterfly Purse

8. Random Intent's Evening Bag

Way too cool.  I can just imagine the looks I'd get toting that around.

9. Priya Inspirations's Tourmaline Pendant
I'm a sucker for tourmaline...

10. A Lynn Cobb ring
And I'm not even a ring person!

11. celapiu's black-foks-long

There's something about the fox around the neck...  Don't ask why, I just want it!

12. TinderBloom's hand-made-leather-iphone-case-koi-fish
Now I just  need the iPhone...

That's all for now.  Maybe another installment in the future!
What would you buy on Etsy if you had no limit?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Brimming with Briolettes

Earlier this month I attended a bead show in my local area.  I really didn't intend on buying a lot, just some beads I was running low on.  Right...  Well, $500+ later....  I admit  went  a little crazy, but I did get what I needed and at great quality.  Faceted beads are really what I am getting into now- I just love the formal and sophisticated look, the sparkle they lend to finished pieces.

With some of my new stash I made some lovely briolette necklaces.  Variations on the theme of three briolettes on a handmade hammered fine silver ring, strung on a necklace, either silk cord, sterling chain, or a beaded strand using some of my lovely purchases.

Here are a few:
prasiolite and ruby choker

For this sparkly choker necklace I wire-wrapped three gemstone briolettes- prasiolite, natural ruby, and blue topaz. Then I attached them to a handmade hammered fine silver ring. I created a beaded necklace strand using faceted prasiolite and ruby briolettes, then attached the briolette charm to the center.


prehnite garnet and citrine briolettes

For this charming necklace I wire-wrapped three gemstone briolettes- prehnite, garnet, and citrine. Then I attached them to a handmade hammered fine silver ring and strung it on an 18 inch sage green hand dyed silk cord with a sterling clasp.

how about:
amethyst ruby and iolite briolettes

For this sparkly necklace I wire-wrapped three gemstone briolettes- natural ruby, amethyst, and iolite. Then I attached them to a handmade hammered fine silver ring. I created a beaded necklace strand using amethyst and faceted iolite, then attached the briolette charm to the center. The necklace is about 16 inches long and has sterling findings.

I am loving the gems!!!!  Are you in love too?

Check out my shop at:  ScrapMetal

Monday, February 7, 2011

Some Sweet Hearts for the Sweethearts!

Here are a bunch of sweet hearts for your sweetheart on Valentine's Day.  All are items from Etsians who specialize in metal jewelry.  Most are members of the Aspiring Metalsmiths Team on Etsy as well.

From formandfunktion  a very steampunkish heart:

From sstargell 
a very simple yet elegant hammered heart:
From VeronicaRStudio a lovely textured heart:

Here's one from CanadianRockies - shimmery gems and stamped hearts:
Here's something a little different from AutumnBradley
for the little devil perhaps?
has cute pink resin and silver heart:

From SylviaAnderson has a nicely textured heart on heart:

SilverBlueberry has a cute rhodochrosite heart:

Pink is also the theme for Brightstar109 :
More pink! hemlockhollow :

Enjoy the heart-ful holiday!