Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Etsy shop of the week- Contrariwise

I love this shop on Etsy: contrariwise

She has so many beautiful stones and settings, as well as wire work and beads.  From reading her profile, I think I have a lot in common with her- starting out slowly in jewelry and after a few years developing more and more skills.

Just look at the intricate designs, stampings, and bezel work on this piece:
Of course, the gorgeous chrysocolla she uses shines brightly.

Another thing I notice is the fashioning of integral bails on pendants as in this piece:
I can't quite get bails- usually to me they are just what holds the pendant on the chain and as long as it's serviceable and strong, it's fine by me.  But I really like the idea of making a bail into a design component.

I also like the simplicity of some her work, spirals, single beads that dangle:

But my fav by far is this:
I am a big time sucker for drusy of all types.  Sugar to me.  I want to eat 'em all up!

Come check out contrariwise today!

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