Saturday, August 21, 2010

My favorite piece in my Etsy shop

 I made this necklace for the Mad Scientists of Etsy August challenge on endosymbionts. So what is an endosymbiont, you might ask?  The science teacher in me now gets to explain.  An endosymbiont is any organism that lives within the body or cells of another organism. For example, it has been theorized that various cell parts like chloroplasts and mitochondria were at one time in the very distant past free-living cells, but were incorporated into other cells and became part of the cell.  This pendant tries to capture the idea of a cell and its endosymbiotic parts. I've used some artistic license here. It's an abstract representation, an actual cell does not look exactly like this.  OK, 'nuff science talk!!!

On to the main attraction: I hand fabricated this pendant out of sterling silver. Then I created the cells "parts":  a sterling disc was dapped into a dome, another dapped into a saucer that I crimped to create a ruffled texture.  I soldered the sterling dome and  wavy saucer on to the backplate, then embellished the saucer with freshwater pearls and textured the dome.  I bezel set an aventurine cabochon for added interest.   A heavy gauge sterling silver "flagellum" extends from the end. (For the non-science folk out there, a flagellum is a whip-like "tail" that allows some cells to propel themselves, think sperm, for example.)

Here's the listing on Etsy
Endosymbiont pendant

Here is the piece on my Handmade Spark Mini-site:

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