Thursday, August 26, 2010

Etsy Jewelry Shop of the Week- ChristineBossler

christinebossler is a wonderful Etsy artisan.  She is a metalsmith concentrating on jewelry that features some interesting and painstaking techniques.  Granulation, the process of fusing tiny round balls of metal onto your pieces, is one of her specialties. See the example below:
I love the look of granulation, it has a long history in goldsmithing, but it is not an easy technique to do, let alone master, as Christine has done.

This necklace is my favorite from her shop.  Of course, I love illusion style necklaces using freshwater pearls, and I've made a few myself, but none as intricate as this.  And check out the clasp!
There are also some spiky pieces in her shop like this one.  I cannot imagine how she solders on each spike. She can't just use gravity to keep the spike on there!!  Maybe I can ask her what the secret is.
Another piece that uses an interesting technique are these repoussed earrings.  Repousse is another old technique used to emboss metal by supporting it in a soft substance, like pitch, then using metal tools to incise designs.  Again, not a technique for the amateur like me!!

Now here's a cool item:  earrings made with silicone and manipulated hair extensions, part of a series on what makes beauty in our culture.  Pretty cool, but I didn't know hair extensions came in that vibrant shade of red!!

Come check out this shop.

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