Monday, August 30, 2010

Big News: Opening New Etsy Shops

Hi to anyone who might read this!  I've decided after much thinking that it is time to open other Etsy shops so my items form a more cohesive whole.  Currently in my ScrapMetal shop on Etsy I sell my handcrafted jewelry and my digitally produced scrapbooks.  Though my shop name, ScrapMetal, melds these two crafts together, the reality is that my scrapbooks seem glaringly out of place amidst the baubles.  This, I've taken the plunge as others have done and opened a second Etsy shop:  ScrapMetal Memories

Time will tell if it is a good decision or not, but since my scrapbooks have not been selling in my jewelry store, it seems to be a good move. They were not getting the attention they deserved;  now maybe they will!

Also in the works:  another new Etsy shop of mine called Scrapmetal Statements  will be launched soon, within the next couple of weeks.  This shop takes my love of jewelry and digital design to a new level.  In this shop I will sell ID lanyards with a twist.  Those of us who have to wear ID badges to work have to sacrifice style over function.  So I have created a line of beaded necklace lanyards.  The lanyards will be strung with semiprecious beads and have the swivel hook at the bottom for the ID badge.  But that's not all.  The best part about these necklace lanyards is that along the side you can attach your favorite ScrapMetal Statements pendant.  Each pendant has a digital image of a retro woman uttering some sassy saying.  I make the pendants using Photoshop Elements, brass bezel cups, and epoxy resin.  And what's even better is the necklace lanyards have spring clasps so you can switch out your favorite pendant depending on your mood.  You can also purchase multiple necklaces to match your outfits.   I will let you know when I'm opening the ScrapMetal Statements store.

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