Friday, July 9, 2010

Top Ten Funniest Items on Etsy

OK, We're all familiar with Regretsy (love that site!).  I certainly don't want to imitate them, but I think a post or two about some of the more amusing offerings on Etsy might be fun.  Now I can't say for sure these 10 items are the top all time best chucklers, but it's what popped up on my goofy-radar today.  (DISCLAIMER, DISCLAIMER, DISCLAIMER: I want to assure sellers out there that I am not implying bad art or workmanship,  just that my tastes and sensibilities are different.  In fact, I will only show items that I feel are quality.  I also tend to find humor in many things where it perhaps is unintended. )  Note:  These items are too hard to rank 1-10, so they are in no particular order.

1. Mad Cow Pet Hat
Shouldn't it read Mad Pet Cow Hat?

2. you-damned-old-people-and-your-golf

the rest reads "carts get a real car gramps oh some guy said hey this needs to be labeled as mature i dont know why"  Gotta love Gary from 8088Design!  If you wanna know why it's "mature," (which it isn't, but you know what I mean) you have to see the other photos.


3.  neon-orange-fluffy-boot-coverslegwarmers

Pity the poor gay day-glo yeti that sacrificed its life for these...

4.  Warning: mature cuntent  content coming up next:


Made from a "sculpted" clay mold, according to the artist, by hand I guess she means.  Wouldn't have been easier and more realistic if she.... well, I won't go there.

5. timmy-the-dopey-snail-original-sculpture 

Well, it is upcycled, that's gotta count for something!  Can you guess what the antennae are made from?  (Hint- humans don't have one, but raccoons do.)  For answer- see bottom of the post, that is, if you haven't figured it out yet.

6. IMMATURE CONTENT! nutria-fur-pelt-pubic-hair-merkin 

In case you need a primer on merkins, this shop supplies the info.  I sure needed the lesson. Did you know that (and no joke, this is a quote): "Nutria are a lot like beavers." Geez, they didn't cover that in my European History class.  I should ask for my tuition money back.  No, maybe not, that was 30 years ago, and the prof is dead now anyway, so what the hell.

I know it's a bit early for Xmas, but,  honey, could you surprise me with this under the tree?

8. stuffed-hipster-zombie-doll 

Perfect for your angst-ridden teen (or tween, in my case).  Just prop him in the corner and say "It could be worse, you know.  You could be like him!"

9.  catnip-filled-severed-heads-cat-toys 

So, there might be some of you who think this will only encourage your cats.  They might get ideas.  Imagine a cat with ideas!


10. love-angels-wedding-cake-topper-love 

Hmm, look at those glassy-eyed visages.  Do you think they know what they're getting into?  They must have some inkling- I mean look at their shocked expressions!  Geez, it almost makes me wish I were getting married again.

Answer key to question in #5: baculum.  Now if you don't know what that means, you need to "bone up" on your biology!

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