Saturday, July 3, 2010

Great cabochons!!! Great service!!! Great prices!!!

If you like cabochons, check out rocfeathers

She (Sheila) has the greatest cabs!  There is also a little slide show showing how she makes the cabs, always a great plus in informing the public about a product.  Her cabs are shown in a caliper, so you get an immediate sense of size.  I look at cabs from a lot of dealers and sometimes photos are deceiving- the cabs look bigger than they are. 

Sheila has some nice looking gems- very pretty and very affordable.  You can buy directly from her website or you can go to her eBay store where you will have to battle others down to the wire in order to win her stones!!! (I am not kidding here- some folks sniped at the last 5 sec on several items-  I don't like that- but what can you do?)  Have fun cab shopping!!!
rocfeatherz on eBay

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