Monday, July 19, 2010

Etsy Gone Wild: BettyRaeCase

OK, I've been eyeing this Etsy shop for a while- bettyraecase run by Rachel who is an artist with a particular flair... for the unusual, and according to some sensitive folks, repulsive.  It takes a bit of willpower to look at her art without feeling a few heebies-jeebies, but if you can get past what the art is made from and just look at her pieces with a non-prejudicial eye, you can see that they are quite charming, well executed, and (dare I say it?) pretty!  (OK I said it, just don't shoot me!) Before I let you in on the secret ingredients, just take a look first:
Aren't the little teddies adorable?  Will it spoil it for you if I told you they are made from belly button lint? (Well, mostly belly button lint, there is also dryer lint incorporated in the bears.)  I love the different colors the bears come in, especially the red.  I guess the secret to making the colorful furry creatures is wash a whole load of red towels, then glean the riches afterward!

Would you wear one of Rachel's black and white pendant to a formal event?  After all, black and white is classic and would go with that little black dress just smashingly.  Would you still wear it if you knew the little white bits encased in the resin are finger/toenail clippings?  (Some of which are hers, but others of which are from various others who donated to her cause. )  How many of you are still here? 

Lots has been written about Rachel's work and she takes it all in stride, with her tongue nestled firmly in her cheek. 

You can also check out her website at:


  1. Addie,
    Thank you for taking the time to notice, treasure and share my work with others. You wrote a great post, if I may say so myself.

    Thanks for spreading my work around!