Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another Great Jewelry Site on Etsy- AllWiredUp (PPennee)

As a member of the Etsy Team Aspiring Metalsmiths, I have the opportunity to see great metal artists at work.  There are so many talented artisans on this team;  I will try to share some of the best.  Now up for your viewing pleasure is the studio of PPennee also known as AllWiredUp Jewelry Designs.  I love the simplicity of her work, clean lines, not much fuss, the stones and bright silver work are the focus.  She has many different types of jewelry, fused silver work, charms, bangles, and most striking are her solitaire stacking rings.  I think I would like one for each finger, no, make that two for each finger.  They come in loads of different colored stones. (I love gemstones of all sorts;  I am a stone-a-holic!!!)  Come take a look at these fresh, clean designs:

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