Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Etsy Fun Site of the Week- Sushibooties

Awww, isn't this adorable?  Well, for us, maybe;  the Boston terrier doesn't seem too happy.  Well,
 sushibooties does take that into account in her description of the above item, which is a doggie Halloween costume of a sushi roll (in case you couldn't tell!) 

If you want your own sushi-related wearable item for yourself (I mean, why do our dogs get all the cute stuff?), then you can get yourself a pair of cute slippers:

Or how about these ab-fab baby booties:

And the hippest chick must have this accessory (an iPod case).  Just don't eat it!!

If Japanese is not your thing, then try the Chinese fortune cookie slippers packed in a sweet take-out box:

Only a creative mind can come up the  sushi=footwear.  But that's the beauty of Etsy!!!!

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