Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tutorial of the Week- How to Edit Photos for Etsy Using Photoshop Elements

My first time uploading pics at Etsy was a learning experience because I really couldn't find anything that told me exactly what to do.  There were lots of competing and contradictory information from various sellers and Etsy itself.   I am a pro at using Photoshop Elements, and that is what I use to edit all my photos and create my digital art.  But nowhere did I find info on how to edit the photos to Etsy's specs.  So I experimented, and still am experimenting with the best way to get decent photos on Etsy.  This is NOT a tutorial on how to take great photos;  there are plenty of other tutorials on that.  This is more about once you've taken the photos and downloaded them into the computer and prepare to upload them to Etsy.  I am familiar with Photoshop Elements, so this is a post on how to use that program.  I am sure there are other programs that do similar, so some take-homes might apply here even if you do not use Photoshop Elements.  OK, now on to the tutorial.

1. Get your photo up on the Photoshop edit screen.  We will assume for ease that the photo is already a great photo, no blurriness, good background, no blemishes, etc.  It only needs to be resized, reshaped, and lighting features adjusted.
2. Click on the crop symbol.

3. At the top black bar,  use the drop down menu for "Aspect Ratio" to 5x5 (this will give you a perfect square that Etsy likes).

4. Go to photo and crop out a square.  You can drag the square around as needed.

5. Click the green check for OK.
6. At the top bar menu click on Image --> resize --->image size.

7. Resize to 1000 px x 1000 px. (Etsy's recommended size).

8.  Most photos need only some lighting adjustments, so on top bar menu, go to Enhance --> lighting --> shadows/highlights.

9. When you get to the shadows window, it will automatically increase light by 25%. If that looks good click OK.

10. Go to Enhance --> lighting --> brightness/contrast.

When you get to the brightness/contrast window, slide the brightness tab until you get an appealing brightness.  Do the same for contrast.  You will probably NOT need to change the contrast too much.

11. Go to top bar menu, click File--> Save for Web.

12. When you get to the Save for Web window, click for JPEG  (if not already on it), then drop down to "medium."  Leave everything else as is.

13. Click OK.

Now you have a great photo Etsy-ready!!

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