Thursday, April 22, 2010

On Etsy now- now what?

I was excited to start on Etsy- finally a place to call home, where other like minded artisans and crafters hang out and sell their wares- a virtual craft show. I feel good about getting the shop up and running, and, hey, I got one sale in the first week. But I've been reading some gloomy stuff in the forums about low views, no sales, etc. Lots of folks saying they haven't had a sale in weeks, months. Should I worry? No, I say, because I am looking at this endeavor as something that will take years to really get going well. Since I work full time, I can't spend a lot of time creating or promoting my work. I know this and am able to accept slowness. All I really intend is to get myself started, so that when I retire from teaching, I have the beginnings of a second career. (But, hey, that doesn't stop me from wishing I had some more sales!!!!) A girl can dream, after all!

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