Saturday, April 24, 2010

Custom scrapbook

Just posted on Etsy- a custom 8x8 digital scrapbook, for all who of you love the look of an artistic scrapbook, but just don‘t have the time to put one together yourself. With this scrapbook, all you need to do is digitally send me photos you wish to include in the scrapbook and, voila- instant scrapbook.

I will create a 10-12 page 8x8 inch scrapbook using Photoshop Elements on my iMac, print out the pages on my home printer using premium photo paper, encase the pages in heavyweight protectors, then bind them using scrapbook binding equipment. The cover will be thick chipboard, covered with an additional page. You pick the theme- girl, boy, holiday, family, friends, grandparents, school days, whatever. If you have special journaling, please include that with your photos.

So, come on over to my etsy page to check out this great service!

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